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Welcome to Generation Z and Experience the Legendary Game.

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The time has come once again to experience the legendary MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Continue the legend and relive the glorious past that can never be extinguished!

On the edge of Midgard’s trends Generation Z is set on 15x/15x/5x MID/LOW experience rates, 99/70 base-job levels for Classic Gaming. The server is running under Ep. 13.2 Encounter Against the Unknown (Pre-renewal).

A Gamers’ Haven The server provides showcase features to give its players their best gaming experience. Automated and Hosted events are lined-up with exciting and inimitable concepts. Battle grounds for Player versus Player combats are set on per level category.

If you want to experience the classic gameplay that was carefully designed and meant to be played, then GenZ is the place to be!

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Server Information

Information Information
Max Base-Level: 99 Max Job-Level: 70
Base EXP: 15x Job EXP: 15x
Normal Item/Equipment Drop: 5x MvP Item/Equipment Drop: 2x
Normal Card Rate: 5x (.5%) MvP & Mini Boss Card: 2x (.2%)
(Disabled on WOE)
Max Stats: 99 Max ASPD: 190
Server Location: Singapore Server Time: +8 GMT
Episode: Episode 13.2 : Encounter Against the Unknown Party Share Range: 20
Emulator: Hercules Client Platform: Windows PC
Dual Clienting: Max 2 Game Protection: Gepard 3 | Macro Allowed
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Server Features

This is a GRIND and QUEST server Where we value Leveling, Quest, Hunting and Farming.
Job Master NPC Helps player to Change Jobs.
Healer NPC Heal Hp and SP only.
Warper Npc To Towns
To Dungeons (Disabled on MVP Maps)
To Fields (Some are disabled)
Premium Service is Per Character basis
Using Rental Premium Suit
[Additional Healer NPC buffs]:
*Blessing, Increase Agi, Magnificat and Gloria
*+3 allstats food effect *Repair items *Appraises unidentified items and equipment
*Max HP +3% *Exp +10% *Drop +5% *Weight +500
Freebies Yes
Floating rates (Weekend) up to 50x / 50x / 5x
Automated Events
GM Events
Every 2 hours
Macro Tools Enabled
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